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Stained Glass Gallery » Faceted Glass, Ground Level-c.1987

Faceted Glass, Ground Level-c.1987

Faceted Glass Gallery - Floor Level
The Annunciation
Mary Visited by the Angel
Dove representing Holy Spirit
Flower lower right-purity
donated by Ruben & Bernadette Fuhrman
  The Assumption
Mary meets the Lord in Glory
Surrounded by Light
Clouds of Ascension repeated
donated by Fr. John Ryan in memory of Jack & Agnes Ryan
The Nativity
Joseph with Mary and Child
Star of Bethelehem
Spirit overshadows scene
donated by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schatzle
Spirit descends
Mary surrounded by disciples
Rays of Easter come down on them
donated by WCM & WCW in memory of Darlene Aloise & WCW Past Presidents
The Presentation in the Temple
Arched windows of Temple
Lamp indicating the Holy
Joseph Behind Mary holding Child
Simeon the prophet blessing
donated by The Malone Family
  The Ascension
Jesus lifted up on clouds
Disciples are in awe
Repeats Easter Glory
donated by WCM & WCW in memory of Charlie Santucci & WCM Past Presidents
The Finding of Jesus in Temple
Jesus before Scribes Teaching
Mary & Joseph behind the Lord
"They were amazed at His words"
donated by Mr. & Mrs. Melito Balon & Family
  The Resurrection
The Glory of the Lord Revealed
Lily of Easter
Rock of the Tomb
Rays of Light and Glory
donated by The Carl Tromborg Family
The Crucifixion
Jesus is Crucified
Mary and John at the Foot of Cross
donated by Louis & Yvonne Serratto
  The Pieta
Jesus in the Arms of His Mother
Glory and Sorrow depicted
donated by Ed & Rina Kelly